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Wardrobe Rentals:
We offer a variety of costumes and clothing items across multiple eras. Our ever-expanding collection currently consists of more than 1 million pieces. Some of our offerings include (but are not limited to): historical costuming, holiday costumes, unique specialty costumes, uniforms, accessories and more. To facilitate custom builds, we employ a large network in New Mexico and Nationwide that can assist with all production needs. Please contact us any questions.

Uniforms: Our collection contains a wide range of Military and Law Enforcement uniforms from numerous eras and decades. Our collection includes many additional occupational uniforms such as service workers, fire fighters/EMT’s, doctors/nurses, marching uniforms and more. Be sure to reach out to us to fill your specific Uniform needs. Through our Uniform Vendor we can get most uniforms within 7 Days.

Vintage: Monumental has a groovy collection of vintage clothing, that includes periods like the 70’s, 40’s, 50’s and more.

Modern: The collection of modern clothing at monumental is perfect for any production needing principal to background clothing. 

Accessories: The inventory at Monumental includes many different kinds of accessories to add to the wardrobe of any character. This includes, but is not limited to neck ties, hats, shoes, and jewelry.

Formal Attire: The formal wear in our inventory is suited for many different occasions and scenes. Monumental owns clothing appropriate to black tie, professional workspaces, and general formal gatherings for men and for women.

Custom Design and creation: To facilitate custom builds we employ a large network in New Mexico and Nationwide that can assist with all production needs. Please contact us any questions.

Additional Inventory: We carry and can purchase general costume supplies for any production. Monumental is equipped to offer tax exception for purchasing supplies through our company. 

Additional Services: Our in house services include Pass Through Services, Costume and Wardrobe Purchasing and Rentals, P-Card Services through CASHET, and much more! Through our local and nationwide industry connections we can get just about any other items you may require in a timely fashion. We currently also have connections with all the major costume houses and are happy to source any materials for you!  Contact us today with any questions!

The Third Coast Collection: Now providing access to the Third Coast Collection. Based out of Missippi, we can facilitate this collection throughout the US and world.  See the “TCC” category on our search page.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves in being the best option for wardrobe, based on our attention to detail, professional selection and quality, and our commitment to making your experience with us the best it possibly can be, at the best possible pricing.

Questions? Special Requests?

Contact our team today:

Costume Rentals Made Easy

Monumental aspires to provide top-notch costumes to productions filming in New Mexico and across the United States. From the indie passion project to big budget studio filming, Monumental works with the production to make renting simpler and more affordable. Let us know what you are looking for in a scene or for a character and our staff will pull options for you to consider. You may also come and take a look at our monumental costume stock in-person or browse online with our easily-searchable online catalog!

Easy Pickup

Our incredible hands-on service, convenient locations, and additional delivery methods take the hassle out of logistsics. Our locations offer parking and loading docks to suit any vehicle.

Easy Browsing

Find the right items, easily and remotely with our online catalog.  Browse by style, era, color, size and more.  Create a profile to build, save, and share Project Bins with your team, and gain access to other great benefits.


Huge Catalog

Our catalog of over a million peices is sure to have what you’re looking for, and if you need something you just can’t seem to find, we’ve got you covered with our network of affiliates.

Find and Reserve What you Need

Our fully digitized catalog makes it easier than ever to find and reserve the exact pieces you need, from anywhere, anytime.



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